The Flowering of Old Age:

An ‘Elder-Zine’

These two zines were created with a group of elders in northern California over a period of six months. The first zine contains a selection of content created by the elders interspersed with comics and portraits drawn by me. The second zine is a handy guide to running your own art, writing, comics, and storytelling workshop– a collection of the raw materials I used including blank worksheets and instructions. The creation of this zine was intended to help foster connections between and enrich the lives of the collaborators, as well as uplift the voices of elderhood. Profits from the sale of the zines were donated to a nonprofit chosen by the elders.

Read “The Flowering of Old Age: An Elder-Zine” (28 pages) and “Mind Massage: An All-in-One Workshop” (32 pages):

Download The Flowering of Old Age and Mind Massage (Free or donate what you can!)